Our origins

Expositor de Baldomero Pifarré en la Exposición Internacional de Barcelona de 1929

Baldomero Pifarré main exhibitor at 1929 Barcelona International Exposition

Our history started in 1911, when Baldomero Pifarré started to create jam, quince, nougat and candy in a small workroom in Bellpuig. Slowly but steadily this workroom grew and started focusing production in candy, dragées and nuts and chocolate bonbons.
In this first stage, it is worth mentioning the invention of Piropos candies in 1926, hard candy with a nougat base, distinguished by the written compliment in its packaging, which is still produced nowadays.
A bit later, Baldomero Pifarré took part in 1929 Barcelona International Exposition where he received the big prize for the quality of his sweets and dragées. For the last hundred years of dedication we have grew up, adding new recipes, ingredients and technologies, tailoring our offer to new demands of the market, but we never forgot our origins.

Gran Premio a la Calitat. Expo de Barcelona de 1929

Quality Big Prize. 1929 Barcelona Exposition.

Batistet Llusera, abuelo de la actual generación de caramelistas. Años 50 del siglo XX

Batistet Llusera, grandfather of today's generation of candy makers. 20th century, 50's.

Envoltorio de los caramelos Piropos

Piropos candies packaging.

Batistet Llusera delante de un rótulo publicitario de la época. Años 50 del siglo XX

Batistet Llusera in front of an advertising board. 20th century, 50's.